Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Choose

It's been nearly a month since my last post and the reason isn't becuase I am too busy to add to this blog. The reason is that I'm not entirely too sure what to write about. That's where I need help from all my wonderful readers. What do you want me to write about? What sort of reviews, stories and topics do you want me to post for you?

Please let me know and I'll start to post more often!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Your Guide to Knit Tights!

Fall is hear and by the time you say that Winter is right next door. Fall is a strange time for time for tights. Depending on where you live it can be too warm, too cold or just perfect to wear your favorite tights out. There are one construction of tights that will keep you warm no matter how strong the bold air blows…

Knit tights, or sweater tights, or woolly tights, or cotton tights! Call them what you will but their main mission in life. Keep your Legs, feet and ankles warm, cozy and toasty in the bottom months of the year.

These are one of those one articles of clothing where some hate it and others will swear by it. There are pros and cons just like everything, but to the right person the pros outweigh the cons drastically. They are itchy, some may say. Yes, this is true. But it can only be said for cheap poorly constructed knit tights. The more expensive kind should be the softest tights you own!

Many people choose to buy the inexpensive brands of knit tights and end up wasting their money on a pile of yarny junk! Here are a few of the top brands of knit tights you can buy this time of year…

Foot Traffic (Combed Cotton)
Using the least words I can use to describe these tights, they are perfect! Not too thick, not too thin, not too tight, not too loose! These are the tights that will match any sort of material and will guarantee warm and comfort! They are incredible breathers and somehow never manage to sweat your feet at all! They are just about the coziest pair of tights you'll own! They do come in one size, so they should fit just about everyone. However, if you are very small they might be a little too large for you! Buy these, you won't regret them! Plus they come in a bushel of colors!

H&M Knit Tights

Just for the duration of this article I am going to pair H&M in with your average department store. They have this one pair of tights that on the packaging leaves you in the dark about the material but once you feel it, it should be love at first site. And once you pull them up your legs you should be demanding more pairs! I have 3 pairs of these, 1 black and 2 in an amazing heather gray. I am being completely honest when I say this, I sleep in these tights. They are THAT comfortable. Also, they aren't too thick. Not thick enough where you might as well be wearing pants. I've only seen them in black and gray but why should that stop you from buying a dozen of them!

American Apparel Bamboo Tights


When I first heard someone tell me about AA's Bamboo tights I had no clue what they were trying to describe. Bamboo? Like the tall wood like stem? How could you turn them into tights? But as I stood closer and closer to them it dawned upon me. They aren't like your typical bamboo at all! They are soft to the tough and delicate to the skin. I have to say I am glad I got the large size. They don't have a whole lot of stretch to them. They are more tall then they are wide. Very tall actually. If you get these I'd say get the M/L. They are finely ribbed ad incredibly cozy! The easiest way to describe is is they are like one giant sock. They aren't at all like the traditional wool tight that we all know. A very nice alternative to a traditional winter staple! You won't be disappointed!

Well here we are coming to an end. I hope I answered any questions that you had if you had any! Please email or comment with any questions. Before you get a pair let me know, I most likely have tried them before and I can offer a review!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For the Men Who Wear Tights and Want to Shave Their Legs....

So tonight I did one of the strangest and how I hate to say, the gayest thing I have ever done! Tonight I shaved my legs. It is something that as a tights enthusiast I felt I needed to do. I bounced the idea around a few people due to its oddity but after a while felt no problem with it.

I found myself in my bathroom at night with a electric shaver clearing the hair off my leg. I'm a pretty hairy guy so this was quite the task. After 20 or so minutes, I had removed more than enough hair. Then it was time to hop in the shower and use a razor to shave the more fine hairs. It was a bit painful at first due to the lack of shaving cream I had applied, but then after applying more it became a lot easier.

After the water going cold and my razor dulling I called it a night. The back half of my leg with hair, the front hairless. I figured I'd wait until the morning for my electric razor to charge and give my skin a rest. I got out of the shower and dried off and put some lotion of my legs. I was very excited to try tights on for the first time with out hair. I grabed a black pair and slide them on. It was a little tough getting them on first, but that might be the lotion still on or my leg still a little wet.

One thing I noticed immediately is that it doesn't feel like your wearing anything on your legs at all. After walking around in them I got more used to them and noticed something else major. Without hair on my legs I found that the tights stayed up more. The tights I was wearing tended to slip down and slouch when I had hair on my legs. But with no hair the tights grip onto my skin a lot better! This I can get used to!

If any man out there is debating shaving his legs, especially if he wears tights, I'd say go for it! If woman enjoy it, you might too! Plus, hair grows back. If you don't like it let your hair grow back and keep the hair on. For only having my legs shaved for the past hour I am beginning to like it. Tomorrow morning I'll shave the rest, but for now I am going to enjoy it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tights Giveaway!

Now that it is fall, the weather is becoming a bit more cool and sharp. One great way to stay warm...knit tights!

These babies that I am giving away I bought are vintage tights from the 60's! How cool would you be walking around with these things on your legs. They are very warm and are older than you! They are arglye print with red, blue and grey colors and are in perfect condition and they can be yours if you enter to win!

As with every giveaway please 18 or older, live in the United States and enter the following way:

Send me a tweet at@tightsplusyou on Twitter
Send me an email at danielx45@yahoo.com
Comment down below!

Contest ends midnight Friday, October 23, 2010. They will be shipped off the following day.

Good luck! and tell your friends!

I would love to meet you!

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There have been a few pairs of tights that I have been on my Wanted list for a while now. Wolford is at the top of the list but a few others down the list was Express. I have been wanting to try them for atlas a few years now, but trying them wasn't a big deal for me. On a late night tights splurge I finally choose to buy a pair. I went for the Espresso pair, a nice brown color, and put them in my shopping cart and them proceeded to check out. After the wait of a few days I went to my mailbox and pulled out the bag that contained my new tights goodness. I quickly tore the bag open, unraveled the tights from their cardboard holder and slid them on!

First of all, they are very opaque. I'm not going to tell you that they are mega-opaque or even super opaque, but they are pretty opaque. A lot more opaque than the American Apparel tights but probably as opaque as say Urban Outfitters tights. Very thick too. All in all I'd say a very sturdy trustworthy pair of legwear.

I choose the Expresso since the black pair on the site looked more sheer than anything. I'm the black opaque tights on the page are in fact a pair of their sheer tights. Oh well, figured brown was a pretty versatile color and more mainly than purple in case I choose to wear them out one day. One part I was happy to see is that the are decently matte. Not too shiny in the least. Most pairs of tights made today have a slight sheen to them that aren't the prettiest. But these really aren't too shiny at all! Good pair!

Ok, now the bad part. It is half my problem, but I did happen to tear them, or ladder then as the UK would say. I did by accident leave them on the floor of my bedroom and one day I wanted to put them on only to see a dagger looking rip in the thigh. Instant sadness. For a $14 pair of tights plus more for shipping we all expect them to be made of kelvar! And overtime you rip your tights you always ask yourself if you think they will take them back, never the case sadly.

I would put these tights far up in some of the best tights you can find at a very reasonable price. Everyone should have one good pair of black tights and these I'd say are a good pair to invest in!

I give their tights 4 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 3
Price: 4
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 4