Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So I've Got This Idea…

We have all heard of pen pals right? You send notes to a person far away from you.
Well a fellow tights addict and i were talking one night and I came up with an idea, a tights pen pal! I mean how great is that! We all have our favorite pairs of tights and we always have that friend who has the most amazing pair!

I would love to get together a network of people, guys or girls, to trade tights with. Not just me personally, but a bunch of people to trade with other people! I think it'd be fun and interesting! Plus you will be able to try cool tights that you may not be able to buy in your area!

If something like this interests you, email me @ danielx45@yahoo.com or leave a comment below.

I've already got my tights pen pal, do you?

Word of the Day!

Baretights v.:  When one goes barefoot in footed tights.

Ok, so the genesis of this word goes way back a few years. I just thought of it one day and it sounded pretty catchy, plus it sounds like word!

So here is my goal, Start using this word! Not only is it a funny sounding one, its a word that can actually be used.

Its a verb people, use it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Men's Tights...Your thoughts

Yes, this is a tights blog. But it is also a tights blog with a slight lean to the left about mens tights. The world needs to be more comfortable and liberal with what men wear day to day and most importance what is comfortable to them. I find a lot of girls may act a little hypocritical when men's fashion sometimes blends with woman's fashion. Girls, you wear guys clothes, don't freak out when you see a guy wearing girls clothes. Men really have no clothes for themselves anymore. Girls have taken pretty much everything. But yet when a guy wears tights in public or a pink shirt, he is automatically branded as either a crossdresser or gay.

My main question today and the main reason for this blog is men's tights. What are your thoughts? Would you accept it? Here is a platform to explain yourself. Please girls only!

Last Weeks Poll

So last week I held a poll. I asked all of you to answer what style of tights you preferred: footed, footless, pantyhose, leggings or stockings.

So my question is, why did you pick what you picked?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Question of the Day!

What tights are you wearing today? If your not wearing any, tell us your favorite pair!

sorry, slow news day

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leave it Up to the Japanese...

I've seen these tights on plenty of sites by now. I'm not saying they are the coolest most practcal tights, but I had to let them be known. You can find these on Sockdreams.com. I once called them up to ask about them. They told me that since they are made in Japan, the sizes are somewhat different from our American sizes. "They are pretty small." she said and look quite sheer. It's like a glove compared to a mitten, but why on earth would you wear these?

Photos from Sockdreams.com, they sell awesome tights and have great customer service!

Would anyone ever wear these? and why? Leave your comments!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Detective Work….

Hey people, listen up!

I have found pretty much the greatest pair of printed tights my eyes will ever see. Sad fact is I can't find them anywhere. They are Betsy Johnson Green footed tights with skulls on them. That is about all I know. I have even contacted the Betsy Johnson company, but haven't heard back yet. If any of you know anything about were I can buy these tights please let me know. You see, I need them plus I'm desperate!

If you know anything, please email me @ danielx45@yahoo.com or comment below.

Happy Hunting!

PS There is a reward for the first person to tell me the exact place to find these tights (and I have to have bought them) The reward is one (1) pair of We Love Colors microfiber tights, you pick the color.

*Photo courtesy of buzznet.com/breesays (A We Love Colors fan, thanks!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Love Colors....REVIEW

What better than to start the reviews off by my favorite brand of tights in the whole wide world!

 We Love Colors is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to tights since the first 2 stockings were sewn together. Every time I have to give an answer on who has the greatest tights I always start out by, "Have you ever heard of We Love Colors?" Not only do they have more colors than you can imagine, they really do have the best quality tights. I have been a supporter of them for a while now. I'm not really sure how I came to hear about them but all I know is if you Google "tights" they are one of the first to come up.

We Love Colors is an internet based company that sells tights, leggings and dance wear. Their forte however is tights. Lot and lots and lots of colors, 50+ to be exact! And not only do they have a ton of great unique colors, but they really do have the best tights around and I am proud to preach it!

The tights that I have been the most fond of are their microfiber tights. Super thick, opaque, durable and comfortable. You can wear these things forever and they don't show any wear or tear. I've bought and tried tights before that are labeled as opaque, but we all know that they are not. These are seriously opaque. Not the opaquest tights ever but definitely opaque to an American. But hey 80 denier to me is pretty opaque. I have 2 pairs of the microfiber, maroon and navy and a pair of royal blue on the way! I am pretty much obsessed with the navy color. It is usually my everynight tight. Its the one I put on when I can't really think of another one to put on.

I did invest in a pair of Men's Performance tights, about 40 dollars. I was pretty happy with them. Very thick and durable. One thing I didn't really realize is that it has a few seams. There is one down the inseam of the leg that goes around the foot and one around the heel. If I had to say it is more for dancers but I was pretty happy with it no matter what. But for an around the house tight it is really comfortable and durable. And as for sleeping in them, they kept their shape and didn't slide around. So these are the ones that are best for sleeping in!

The nylon tights I tried felt more like something that you would find around Halloween time at a costume shop. Kind of itchy and scratchy. Not too soft or comfy and totally different from their microfibers. The microfibers win for being the best tight money can buy! If you are looking fora great tight, buy from We Love Colors!

As for a company, they are award winning in every way. Perfect customer service! If you order a pair of tights and they don't fit or different than what you thought, you can return or exchange them. Even if you've tried them on!

I give this company and their tights 5 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 5
Price: 5
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 5

Will the Real Tights Please Stand Up?

I've kept my mouth shut for too long while people call tights either leggings or  stockings. Tights my friends are tights. Leggings are leggings. Pantyhose are pantyhose. Stockings are stockings. For the first time someone will help you all out and tell you the TRUE definition and differences between hosiery.

 Tights: Opaque and footed. Covers the waist all the way to the toes
Footless tights: Opaque and footless. Covers the waist and extends to either below the knee or ankle. 
 Pantyhose: Sheer and footed. Covers the waist all the way to the toes. Is the same as tights, but is sheer.
Stockings: Sheer and goes only up to the knee or thigh.

So there we are! Please use the right words. I don't want to keep correcting girls about what tights really are. I mean come on girls, if guys know the difference, you should to!

Which kind of tights do you all prefer? Leave comments!
 *Pictures from Asos.com (They've got a big selection of great tights) 

Welcome to Tights + You!

This is a site where you can be yourself. Forget about what people say about you. Gender and clothing mean nothing!

So you like tights? Does that mean you are a guy or girl? Either way it doesn't matter! Here at Tights + You guys and girls like tights! I am doing what should have been done a long time ago, start the major movement for mens tights. What exactly defines tights as a gender specific garment? Nothing I tell you, nothing. It's a garment, and if your here that means your a fan. And being a fan of tights, you can tell me how comfortable, practical and how great they are! One thing we don't talk about on here are any fetishes or and kind of crossdressing. This site is a fan site for all things tights. Just because you wear tights doesn't mean your gay and doesn't mean your a girl, right?

So guys, lets take our tights from behind our locked bedroom doors to the streets! 

So ladies, lets accept the fact that times have changed. You evolved from dresses to shorts and wear mens clothes as much as you'd like. Why can't we share tights?

Send me your thoughts....oh and welcome to Tights + You!