Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Choose

It's been nearly a month since my last post and the reason isn't becuase I am too busy to add to this blog. The reason is that I'm not entirely too sure what to write about. That's where I need help from all my wonderful readers. What do you want me to write about? What sort of reviews, stories and topics do you want me to post for you?

Please let me know and I'll start to post more often!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Your Guide to Knit Tights!

Fall is hear and by the time you say that Winter is right next door. Fall is a strange time for time for tights. Depending on where you live it can be too warm, too cold or just perfect to wear your favorite tights out. There are one construction of tights that will keep you warm no matter how strong the bold air blows…

Knit tights, or sweater tights, or woolly tights, or cotton tights! Call them what you will but their main mission in life. Keep your Legs, feet and ankles warm, cozy and toasty in the bottom months of the year.

These are one of those one articles of clothing where some hate it and others will swear by it. There are pros and cons just like everything, but to the right person the pros outweigh the cons drastically. They are itchy, some may say. Yes, this is true. But it can only be said for cheap poorly constructed knit tights. The more expensive kind should be the softest tights you own!

Many people choose to buy the inexpensive brands of knit tights and end up wasting their money on a pile of yarny junk! Here are a few of the top brands of knit tights you can buy this time of year…

Foot Traffic (Combed Cotton)
Using the least words I can use to describe these tights, they are perfect! Not too thick, not too thin, not too tight, not too loose! These are the tights that will match any sort of material and will guarantee warm and comfort! They are incredible breathers and somehow never manage to sweat your feet at all! They are just about the coziest pair of tights you'll own! They do come in one size, so they should fit just about everyone. However, if you are very small they might be a little too large for you! Buy these, you won't regret them! Plus they come in a bushel of colors!

H&M Knit Tights

Just for the duration of this article I am going to pair H&M in with your average department store. They have this one pair of tights that on the packaging leaves you in the dark about the material but once you feel it, it should be love at first site. And once you pull them up your legs you should be demanding more pairs! I have 3 pairs of these, 1 black and 2 in an amazing heather gray. I am being completely honest when I say this, I sleep in these tights. They are THAT comfortable. Also, they aren't too thick. Not thick enough where you might as well be wearing pants. I've only seen them in black and gray but why should that stop you from buying a dozen of them!

American Apparel Bamboo Tights


When I first heard someone tell me about AA's Bamboo tights I had no clue what they were trying to describe. Bamboo? Like the tall wood like stem? How could you turn them into tights? But as I stood closer and closer to them it dawned upon me. They aren't like your typical bamboo at all! They are soft to the tough and delicate to the skin. I have to say I am glad I got the large size. They don't have a whole lot of stretch to them. They are more tall then they are wide. Very tall actually. If you get these I'd say get the M/L. They are finely ribbed ad incredibly cozy! The easiest way to describe is is they are like one giant sock. They aren't at all like the traditional wool tight that we all know. A very nice alternative to a traditional winter staple! You won't be disappointed!

Well here we are coming to an end. I hope I answered any questions that you had if you had any! Please email or comment with any questions. Before you get a pair let me know, I most likely have tried them before and I can offer a review!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For the Men Who Wear Tights and Want to Shave Their Legs....

So tonight I did one of the strangest and how I hate to say, the gayest thing I have ever done! Tonight I shaved my legs. It is something that as a tights enthusiast I felt I needed to do. I bounced the idea around a few people due to its oddity but after a while felt no problem with it.

I found myself in my bathroom at night with a electric shaver clearing the hair off my leg. I'm a pretty hairy guy so this was quite the task. After 20 or so minutes, I had removed more than enough hair. Then it was time to hop in the shower and use a razor to shave the more fine hairs. It was a bit painful at first due to the lack of shaving cream I had applied, but then after applying more it became a lot easier.

After the water going cold and my razor dulling I called it a night. The back half of my leg with hair, the front hairless. I figured I'd wait until the morning for my electric razor to charge and give my skin a rest. I got out of the shower and dried off and put some lotion of my legs. I was very excited to try tights on for the first time with out hair. I grabed a black pair and slide them on. It was a little tough getting them on first, but that might be the lotion still on or my leg still a little wet.

One thing I noticed immediately is that it doesn't feel like your wearing anything on your legs at all. After walking around in them I got more used to them and noticed something else major. Without hair on my legs I found that the tights stayed up more. The tights I was wearing tended to slip down and slouch when I had hair on my legs. But with no hair the tights grip onto my skin a lot better! This I can get used to!

If any man out there is debating shaving his legs, especially if he wears tights, I'd say go for it! If woman enjoy it, you might too! Plus, hair grows back. If you don't like it let your hair grow back and keep the hair on. For only having my legs shaved for the past hour I am beginning to like it. Tomorrow morning I'll shave the rest, but for now I am going to enjoy it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tights Giveaway!

Now that it is fall, the weather is becoming a bit more cool and sharp. One great way to stay warm...knit tights!

These babies that I am giving away I bought are vintage tights from the 60's! How cool would you be walking around with these things on your legs. They are very warm and are older than you! They are arglye print with red, blue and grey colors and are in perfect condition and they can be yours if you enter to win!

As with every giveaway please 18 or older, live in the United States and enter the following way:

Send me a tweet at@tightsplusyou on Twitter
Send me an email at danielx45@yahoo.com
Comment down below!

Contest ends midnight Friday, October 23, 2010. They will be shipped off the following day.

Good luck! and tell your friends!

I would love to meet you!

Hey Everyone who visits!

Please post a comment telling me where you are from and how you came to find this blog! Maybe even give a little review on it if you could. I would love to know where everyone is coming from! Also let me know if you are a guy or girl.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

There have been a few pairs of tights that I have been on my Wanted list for a while now. Wolford is at the top of the list but a few others down the list was Express. I have been wanting to try them for atlas a few years now, but trying them wasn't a big deal for me. On a late night tights splurge I finally choose to buy a pair. I went for the Espresso pair, a nice brown color, and put them in my shopping cart and them proceeded to check out. After the wait of a few days I went to my mailbox and pulled out the bag that contained my new tights goodness. I quickly tore the bag open, unraveled the tights from their cardboard holder and slid them on!

First of all, they are very opaque. I'm not going to tell you that they are mega-opaque or even super opaque, but they are pretty opaque. A lot more opaque than the American Apparel tights but probably as opaque as say Urban Outfitters tights. Very thick too. All in all I'd say a very sturdy trustworthy pair of legwear.

I choose the Expresso since the black pair on the site looked more sheer than anything. I'm the black opaque tights on the page are in fact a pair of their sheer tights. Oh well, figured brown was a pretty versatile color and more mainly than purple in case I choose to wear them out one day. One part I was happy to see is that the are decently matte. Not too shiny in the least. Most pairs of tights made today have a slight sheen to them that aren't the prettiest. But these really aren't too shiny at all! Good pair!

Ok, now the bad part. It is half my problem, but I did happen to tear them, or ladder then as the UK would say. I did by accident leave them on the floor of my bedroom and one day I wanted to put them on only to see a dagger looking rip in the thigh. Instant sadness. For a $14 pair of tights plus more for shipping we all expect them to be made of kelvar! And overtime you rip your tights you always ask yourself if you think they will take them back, never the case sadly.

I would put these tights far up in some of the best tights you can find at a very reasonable price. Everyone should have one good pair of black tights and these I'd say are a good pair to invest in!

I give their tights 4 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 3
Price: 4
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 4

American Apparel....REVIEW

I've always liked that American Apparel look. You know what I am talking about? Anyone who works there or shops there always has a really good unique look. It almost like a modern grunge age with a little more fashion sense. One staple that all AA enthusiasts keeps close to them are their tights. Its nearly overtime I walk in there at least one girl is wearing them. If you even ask them about them they will label them as unisex. They are great for fashion. They are dance quality. They are great for just about anything. The multi-tool tight! Now my review…

I can't remember when I first picked up my first pair, but at the time I was probably still a very young tights enthusiast embarrassed more than I would ever be. I know that they were one of the first pairs of my always growing collection. I must've been terrified pulling open the heavy glass door to the store and even more embarrassed at the register as I stood there with a pair of tights for me on the counter.

But as soon as I got home and put them on I must've been incredibly relieved, it was all worth it. I have to be honest and say they are my first favorite pair of tights. The quality is above pair, the fit is like a glove, but one thing that I wasn't a fan of is the denier. The tights come in two sizes, XS/S and M/L. I picked up the M/L because that is what my common sense sensed I could fit into. However, they weren't the most opaque tights I have seen. This can most likely said about most tights of you have larger legs. Everything is dark, except where the material has to stretch a bunch. But as a opaque king I like my tights super opaque. That is one problem I faced with them. They are also extremely strong! I can't see my pair, 2+ years old, every giving out or laddering. The gusset in the middle has the material still unaffected around it. Not pulling or thin material, same with them feet. I've noticed after a lot of wear the feet with thin out, but not with these babies!

About the comfort they are incredibly comfy! Very soft and smooth to the touch. The sticking isn't too large so the material is fine and feels great to the skin. They aren't the thickest tights out there too. It is a thin material but still can be found as warm and inviting. They feel good on, you don't find yourself wanting to take them off immediately. They also are incredibly soft, and being very soft I find them to be very stretchy too! I would even goes as far to compare them with We Love Colors tights. They are no where near WLC colors and I would never say they are as good as We Loves tights, but they are probably the closest I can find that I can latest compare them too. I bought My AA tights nearly 2 years ago, so they might have changed by now

American Apparel carries a huge assortment of colors and styles. From regular opaque to dual colored legs to shimmer to patterned and textured they have it all! Also, with 29 colors they have over half as many as We Love Colors! I think if anyone is looking for a good pair and you need it quickly from a store go buy American Apparels. Another comparison to WLC, once you put them on you feel great! Wearing AA tights is an experience! Its not like putting on a drug store pair of tights (which no one should EVER buy tights from a drugstore!) where you dread having them on every second. You feel good wearing them, its fun to wear them!

One problem I do have, and all I can speak for is the black tights, is the color does fade. The black does loose color after multiple washes and wears. If you do buy the black take extra care of it and hand wash it by itself, not in the washer with all of your other close. Remember, tights are delicate and do need special treatment.

One thing that makes me really happy when I buy a new pair of tights is when there is a tag sewed into the back of the tights. With AA tights there is a tag AND also some red thread sewn into the back to tell you which way the tights goes. I find that to be incredibly useful! With the tights that don't have that you have to end up looking at the feet to see which way they go and sometimes you are wrong. I wish all tights had a tag or someway to tell which was is front and back.

Now the most important part of this review…

American Apparel makes a pair of tights they have named the Bamboo Jersey tight. By far one of my favorite pairs of tights! They are made from actual bamboo and are one of the comfiest pairs I have ever worn. Very well much worn the 22 dollar price tag! They are however very long so if you go get them keep that in mind. The comfort is incredibly! Very cozy too. Not like a sweater or knit tights, but a little thinner. The thickness is perfect and you will never want to take them off! That being said, I am through with my review. Thanks for reading!

I give this company and their tights 5 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 5
Price: 5
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 5

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tights Giveaway!

My second giveaway....

Today I went out and executed one of my most successful tights splurges I have ever performed! I didn't buy too many but I did buy some that I was very happy about. I was just going to go to H&M and pick up a pair of my favorite sweater tights of all time, but then I noticed Zara was right next door. I knew that they are predominately in/from the UK and seeing that those Brits make the best tights I'd thought I would go browse. I ended up picking up a pair of 90 denier navy tights, haven't tried them yet, but they feel like a really nice strong good quality pair of tights. Next, I went over to H&M and bought two new pairs (grey and black) of the best sweater tights I have ever worn. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, very cozy too! I noticed that they had a pair of 100 denier black tights for 6 bucks, and being a great price for tights I felt no harm to buy them. But when I got home I opened them up and held them up to my waist letting the legs fall beside mine and noticed that they were incredibly long!


Anyway, perfect reason for Tights Giveaway #2!

I will be giving away a pair of H&M 100 denier M/L black footed tights to a lucky person this Friday, October 8th! Please send me a message on Twitter (@Tightsplusyou) or comment below or send me a friendly email (danielx45@yahoo.com)

The rules are:

18 or older
Must live in the United States

That's it and Good Luck!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Request...Tights Drawers

I think tights organization is one of the most overlooked thing about tights. Just this week two pairs of my tights (one brand new) ripped from being on the floor of my bedroom for who knows how long. This is odd because I am usually pretty good about organizing all my tights. I have a dedicated drawer where I store them all. All of them are rolled up with a rubberband around them with a label on them specifying what brand they are. I've heard from alot of people who organize in different ways. I've heard everything from throwing them in a drawer, to baskets and even one person tying them in a knot! I think we can all agree that tights are the most delicate article of clothing that we all own ad they should be treated that way.

 I would love to do a post that shows a variety of ways that everyone organizes and stores their tights. If you would like to help out please take a few pictures of where you store your tights and how you store your tights. Once I get a good number I will post them all on my blog! This will be sure to help everyone who needs a little organization in their tights drawers!

Please email all photos to danielx45@yahoo.com. Please name the email: Tights Drawer Pictures

Hope to see them soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Call To All Who Sell Tights…

Being on this platform and read by many people I wish to take advantage of it starting now.

I've posted a few posts since the beginning of this blog about the idea of men wearing tights. It has remained dormant on this site for a while and I feel its time to awake it. I feel I have a louder voice than I have ever had before and today I will exercise it.

One thing I feel that could help the men's tights revolution is not just by men wearing tights and society accepting. Both will take a while. What I think we need is a sponsor, a corporate supporter. A company that sells men's tights and that accepts it. I have thought of some business bullet points that I think could be helpful.

-Market them…To companies that already manufacture tights, you know how to make them. Now, just either modify them to fix a mans body. Or better yet, market them as Unisex. Most men that wear tights have to buy woman's tights. Some men buy men's tights, however their isn't a large variety. I actually prefer woman's tights. Just say they are for both men and woman. Most of the places I buy tights online from you have to go to the woman's section, already there I feel like I'm a crossdresser, and go through the list of dresses, skirts, heels and then at the very bottom there is a part that says hosiery.

-More profit…If anything, you will benefit more financially in the long run. It won't cause any loss of profit. Any company that extends its reach and product line is on the guaranteed way to gain more profit. Simple as that. If you make your product for more people, more people will want to purchase it. In return you will see more profit. Its Business 101 here.

-Accept it Publicly…Make a big banner on your site saying "We Sell Mens Tights" or "We Accept Mens Tights" something catchy. What it is a welcome sign saying, "Guys, you can buy your tights here and we love it! We don't care if your a man or not!"

-Be The First…Be the first to follow this trend. If your company sells/makes tights. Be the first to say they are for men. This will have others to follow and you will have been the originator of it!

A Message to We Love Colors…

I think We Love Colors is the best tights company in America currently. I also think We Love Colors is quite possibly one of the best companies in America currently. They actually happen to sell mens tights, but they aren't nearly as good as the woman's microfiber tights. They sell a men's performance tights, but its too tight and shiny. Not something you'd wear in public. They also sell a men's nylon tights. Which to say the least, is not comfortable at all. Sorry to say and I hate to be frank but its true. Why not market your microfiber tights as a men's tights as well? I know you get a lot of men buying it, but put it in the mens section and post men wearing it in clothes and not half naked! That would be great!

You've got the men's section right under the children's section which makes us feel like we can't compete. As primarily a tights company, you have one of the biggest voices in the tights community. If you were to start selling men's tights as you do woman's, many will follow! And plus you make tights so well, a lot of guys I know would buy them. Its just the woman's are sooo much cheaper than your men's performance tights and so much better quality! 40 bucks as opposed to 12? Pretty big difference!

I guess all I'm saying is market men's tights as much as you do woman's tights and show that you accept them more. I know you know that men buy your woman's tights. You are always giving away your microfiber tights to all these girl bloggers. Start giving them away to guys too! It's going to take alot of free tights to giveaway to the regular guy to get him to start wearing tights let alone buying from YOU!

If you want more feedback from a guy who wears tights or need someone to try them out, I'm here if you need me! I just hope you see this and not ban me from buying your tights! I love them so much!

This makes me what to buy some new tights! We Love Colors of course, now what color? Comment below!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Want To Start A Topic...

I want to start of topic. I think I'll do this time to time. Polls are nice though but they only reveal statistics, not real opinions or feedback. As many of you know this is a tights blog. But one thing it also is is a platform of development and support for mens tights. If you didn't know yet, alot of men actually wear tights. But this all happens in their own privacy. We still aren't ready, actually I should say it differently, society is not ready for men to wear tights in public. It's still thought of as odd and strange and any man who wears tights, girls clothes, is gay, crossdresser or just plain weird! That is all not true. We want equality! Doesn't everybody want that? I want to be able to wear whatever I like and feel comfortable. Not only feel comfortable in what I choose to wear, but also comfortable in my skin wearing it. I feel like I'd be pointed and laughed at or see people snicker or worse get taken a picture of and posted online for all to see.

The reason for this post is I have gone my whole life with my opinion and thoughts on mens tights. I feel very strongly on the issue. I know it sounds silly but I do care about it. Its not really just mens tights, but equality. Equality is what I care for more than anything in this world.

What I'd like to see is a peaceful discussion and comments related to the matter of mens tights. I mainly want to hear from the girls, but guys are still more than welcome!

-What do you think about mens tights?

-What do you think about men wearing tights?

-Would you and the people you know accept it?

-Do you think society is ready for it?

 -What if someone you know, boyfriend, male friend or father choose to wear tights?

These are all just questions I have thought of before. It would really mean alot for you all to comment on this.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Contest Results!

First of all, thanks to EVERYONE who entered the giveaway! It's great to see that there are people who actually read this blog!

The giveaway has come to an end and through process of random selection a winner has been chosen:

Annette F!

For everyone else who entered don't worry there will be plenty more giveaways in the future!

Find Me On Twitter Now!

I've finally choose to extend my blog and it's followers to Twitter! Come follow me and see what I'm (tights) thinking and (tights) doing!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Urban Outfitters....REVIEW

Over the past few years I have stumbled into Urban Outfitters and cautiously walked up the their tights section and glanced over at all the wonderful colors and selection. One good thing about them is they have a very wide array of tights. Lace, opaque, knit, sheer, they have it all. If you sometimes think that quantity lacks quality, your wrong on the one. The tights I've tried from Urban are the opaque ones, knit, and a few other ones. I'll start with the opaques.

First of all, Urban's tights are 2 for $20 dollars, can't go to wrong there. They actually are really good tights. Very comfy and durability, not itchy at all. And when they advertise them as opaque, boy are they opaque! They are incredibly thick for such a cheap price its insane. They aren't too thick to wear outside on a hot day but absolutely perfect for winter. The opaque ones I have are grey and black, both are probably 2 of my favorite tights. They grey is one of the best pairs of grey tights I could find. And the black is just as good too, after many washes it never looses any color or fades.

The other pair of tights I tried are their Bamboo tights. Now, anyone who hasn't heard of the idea of a Bamboo tight is clearly missing out. Yes, they are made out of bamboo, but we aren't talking like wood hear. They are right out there with being the most comfortable tights for being a sweater tight like tight. I have 2 pairs of bamboo tights and this one takes the cake. Its incredibly comfy and cozy, perfect for a cold day or for around the house.

Ofcourse, Urban Outfitters sizes their tights in the sometimes common Small/Medium and Medium/Large. I actually prefer this sizing chart. Noting is worse than the 1,2,3 sizes or as we all know the "One Size." I would always recommend people to go a size up with tights. This allows more fabric to be available and more opaqueness. If you get a smaller size than normal the fabric is being stretched over your leg creating a semi sheer appearance and why not just wear pantyhose in that case. ICK!

To speak about durability I'd have to tell you that these are the only tights where I have gotten a run (ladder) in them. I'm very good with never getting rips in mine but these after time seemed to develop a long ladder in them. Given I had had them for months so its probably ok. I can assure under the right conditions, meaning not drying, proper care and such these should last you a while. I wouldn't be crazy enough to say they are better or even come close to We Love Colors tights but they in the top 3 I'd say pretty close to We Love.

Comfort: 4
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 3
Price: 5

Don't forget to sign up for our We Love Colors tights giveaway! entry ends tomorrow (Friday) at midnight! Tell your friends!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tights Giveaway!

Since my blog is rather new I'd like to be nice and start off by giving a pair of free tights! I will give away a pair of the best tights I have found, We Love Colors footed microfiber tights to a very lucky person, guy or girl, on Friday, September 10th at midnight.

Enter by either sending me a message @ danielx45@yahoo.com, following my blog or posting a comment saying that you'd like to win a free pair of tights to this post.

As you've probably read, We Love Colors are my favorite tights I have ever found and that is the reason of why I choose their product to give away. I'm such a big supporter of them that I will gladly buy YOU a pair of free tights!

I'm still not too sure that many people read this blog so I will only start the giveaway the moment I see that at least 10 people have emailed, posted a comment or followed me.  

Please leave a way for me to contact you if you win! 
For US/Canada Residents only.
18 or older please


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So I've Got This Idea…

We have all heard of pen pals right? You send notes to a person far away from you.
Well a fellow tights addict and i were talking one night and I came up with an idea, a tights pen pal! I mean how great is that! We all have our favorite pairs of tights and we always have that friend who has the most amazing pair!

I would love to get together a network of people, guys or girls, to trade tights with. Not just me personally, but a bunch of people to trade with other people! I think it'd be fun and interesting! Plus you will be able to try cool tights that you may not be able to buy in your area!

If something like this interests you, email me @ danielx45@yahoo.com or leave a comment below.

I've already got my tights pen pal, do you?

Word of the Day!

Baretights v.:  When one goes barefoot in footed tights.

Ok, so the genesis of this word goes way back a few years. I just thought of it one day and it sounded pretty catchy, plus it sounds like word!

So here is my goal, Start using this word! Not only is it a funny sounding one, its a word that can actually be used.

Its a verb people, use it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Men's Tights...Your thoughts

Yes, this is a tights blog. But it is also a tights blog with a slight lean to the left about mens tights. The world needs to be more comfortable and liberal with what men wear day to day and most importance what is comfortable to them. I find a lot of girls may act a little hypocritical when men's fashion sometimes blends with woman's fashion. Girls, you wear guys clothes, don't freak out when you see a guy wearing girls clothes. Men really have no clothes for themselves anymore. Girls have taken pretty much everything. But yet when a guy wears tights in public or a pink shirt, he is automatically branded as either a crossdresser or gay.

My main question today and the main reason for this blog is men's tights. What are your thoughts? Would you accept it? Here is a platform to explain yourself. Please girls only!

Last Weeks Poll

So last week I held a poll. I asked all of you to answer what style of tights you preferred: footed, footless, pantyhose, leggings or stockings.

So my question is, why did you pick what you picked?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Question of the Day!

What tights are you wearing today? If your not wearing any, tell us your favorite pair!

sorry, slow news day

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leave it Up to the Japanese...

I've seen these tights on plenty of sites by now. I'm not saying they are the coolest most practcal tights, but I had to let them be known. You can find these on Sockdreams.com. I once called them up to ask about them. They told me that since they are made in Japan, the sizes are somewhat different from our American sizes. "They are pretty small." she said and look quite sheer. It's like a glove compared to a mitten, but why on earth would you wear these?

Photos from Sockdreams.com, they sell awesome tights and have great customer service!

Would anyone ever wear these? and why? Leave your comments!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Detective Work….

Hey people, listen up!

I have found pretty much the greatest pair of printed tights my eyes will ever see. Sad fact is I can't find them anywhere. They are Betsy Johnson Green footed tights with skulls on them. That is about all I know. I have even contacted the Betsy Johnson company, but haven't heard back yet. If any of you know anything about were I can buy these tights please let me know. You see, I need them plus I'm desperate!

If you know anything, please email me @ danielx45@yahoo.com or comment below.

Happy Hunting!

PS There is a reward for the first person to tell me the exact place to find these tights (and I have to have bought them) The reward is one (1) pair of We Love Colors microfiber tights, you pick the color.

*Photo courtesy of buzznet.com/breesays (A We Love Colors fan, thanks!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Love Colors....REVIEW

What better than to start the reviews off by my favorite brand of tights in the whole wide world!

 We Love Colors is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to tights since the first 2 stockings were sewn together. Every time I have to give an answer on who has the greatest tights I always start out by, "Have you ever heard of We Love Colors?" Not only do they have more colors than you can imagine, they really do have the best quality tights. I have been a supporter of them for a while now. I'm not really sure how I came to hear about them but all I know is if you Google "tights" they are one of the first to come up.

We Love Colors is an internet based company that sells tights, leggings and dance wear. Their forte however is tights. Lot and lots and lots of colors, 50+ to be exact! And not only do they have a ton of great unique colors, but they really do have the best tights around and I am proud to preach it!

The tights that I have been the most fond of are their microfiber tights. Super thick, opaque, durable and comfortable. You can wear these things forever and they don't show any wear or tear. I've bought and tried tights before that are labeled as opaque, but we all know that they are not. These are seriously opaque. Not the opaquest tights ever but definitely opaque to an American. But hey 80 denier to me is pretty opaque. I have 2 pairs of the microfiber, maroon and navy and a pair of royal blue on the way! I am pretty much obsessed with the navy color. It is usually my everynight tight. Its the one I put on when I can't really think of another one to put on.

I did invest in a pair of Men's Performance tights, about 40 dollars. I was pretty happy with them. Very thick and durable. One thing I didn't really realize is that it has a few seams. There is one down the inseam of the leg that goes around the foot and one around the heel. If I had to say it is more for dancers but I was pretty happy with it no matter what. But for an around the house tight it is really comfortable and durable. And as for sleeping in them, they kept their shape and didn't slide around. So these are the ones that are best for sleeping in!

The nylon tights I tried felt more like something that you would find around Halloween time at a costume shop. Kind of itchy and scratchy. Not too soft or comfy and totally different from their microfibers. The microfibers win for being the best tight money can buy! If you are looking fora great tight, buy from We Love Colors!

As for a company, they are award winning in every way. Perfect customer service! If you order a pair of tights and they don't fit or different than what you thought, you can return or exchange them. Even if you've tried them on!

I give this company and their tights 5 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 5
Price: 5
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 5

Will the Real Tights Please Stand Up?

I've kept my mouth shut for too long while people call tights either leggings or  stockings. Tights my friends are tights. Leggings are leggings. Pantyhose are pantyhose. Stockings are stockings. For the first time someone will help you all out and tell you the TRUE definition and differences between hosiery.

 Tights: Opaque and footed. Covers the waist all the way to the toes
Footless tights: Opaque and footless. Covers the waist and extends to either below the knee or ankle. 
 Pantyhose: Sheer and footed. Covers the waist all the way to the toes. Is the same as tights, but is sheer.
Stockings: Sheer and goes only up to the knee or thigh.

So there we are! Please use the right words. I don't want to keep correcting girls about what tights really are. I mean come on girls, if guys know the difference, you should to!

Which kind of tights do you all prefer? Leave comments!
 *Pictures from Asos.com (They've got a big selection of great tights) 

Welcome to Tights + You!

This is a site where you can be yourself. Forget about what people say about you. Gender and clothing mean nothing!

So you like tights? Does that mean you are a guy or girl? Either way it doesn't matter! Here at Tights + You guys and girls like tights! I am doing what should have been done a long time ago, start the major movement for mens tights. What exactly defines tights as a gender specific garment? Nothing I tell you, nothing. It's a garment, and if your here that means your a fan. And being a fan of tights, you can tell me how comfortable, practical and how great they are! One thing we don't talk about on here are any fetishes or and kind of crossdressing. This site is a fan site for all things tights. Just because you wear tights doesn't mean your gay and doesn't mean your a girl, right?

So guys, lets take our tights from behind our locked bedroom doors to the streets! 

So ladies, lets accept the fact that times have changed. You evolved from dresses to shorts and wear mens clothes as much as you'd like. Why can't we share tights?

Send me your thoughts....oh and welcome to Tights + You!