Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tights Giveaway!

Now that it is fall, the weather is becoming a bit more cool and sharp. One great way to stay warm...knit tights!

These babies that I am giving away I bought are vintage tights from the 60's! How cool would you be walking around with these things on your legs. They are very warm and are older than you! They are arglye print with red, blue and grey colors and are in perfect condition and they can be yours if you enter to win!

As with every giveaway please 18 or older, live in the United States and enter the following way:

Send me a tweet at@tightsplusyou on Twitter
Send me an email at
Comment down below!

Contest ends midnight Friday, October 23, 2010. They will be shipped off the following day.

Good luck! and tell your friends!


  1. Those are an awesome looking style of vintage tights. Especially from the 60's. I wonder how'd they get them to last so long & keep the color.

  2. These look pretty snazzy!