Saturday, October 16, 2010

American Apparel....REVIEW

I've always liked that American Apparel look. You know what I am talking about? Anyone who works there or shops there always has a really good unique look. It almost like a modern grunge age with a little more fashion sense. One staple that all AA enthusiasts keeps close to them are their tights. Its nearly overtime I walk in there at least one girl is wearing them. If you even ask them about them they will label them as unisex. They are great for fashion. They are dance quality. They are great for just about anything. The multi-tool tight! Now my review…

I can't remember when I first picked up my first pair, but at the time I was probably still a very young tights enthusiast embarrassed more than I would ever be. I know that they were one of the first pairs of my always growing collection. I must've been terrified pulling open the heavy glass door to the store and even more embarrassed at the register as I stood there with a pair of tights for me on the counter.

But as soon as I got home and put them on I must've been incredibly relieved, it was all worth it. I have to be honest and say they are my first favorite pair of tights. The quality is above pair, the fit is like a glove, but one thing that I wasn't a fan of is the denier. The tights come in two sizes, XS/S and M/L. I picked up the M/L because that is what my common sense sensed I could fit into. However, they weren't the most opaque tights I have seen. This can most likely said about most tights of you have larger legs. Everything is dark, except where the material has to stretch a bunch. But as a opaque king I like my tights super opaque. That is one problem I faced with them. They are also extremely strong! I can't see my pair, 2+ years old, every giving out or laddering. The gusset in the middle has the material still unaffected around it. Not pulling or thin material, same with them feet. I've noticed after a lot of wear the feet with thin out, but not with these babies!

About the comfort they are incredibly comfy! Very soft and smooth to the touch. The sticking isn't too large so the material is fine and feels great to the skin. They aren't the thickest tights out there too. It is a thin material but still can be found as warm and inviting. They feel good on, you don't find yourself wanting to take them off immediately. They also are incredibly soft, and being very soft I find them to be very stretchy too! I would even goes as far to compare them with We Love Colors tights. They are no where near WLC colors and I would never say they are as good as We Loves tights, but they are probably the closest I can find that I can latest compare them too. I bought My AA tights nearly 2 years ago, so they might have changed by now

American Apparel carries a huge assortment of colors and styles. From regular opaque to dual colored legs to shimmer to patterned and textured they have it all! Also, with 29 colors they have over half as many as We Love Colors! I think if anyone is looking for a good pair and you need it quickly from a store go buy American Apparels. Another comparison to WLC, once you put them on you feel great! Wearing AA tights is an experience! Its not like putting on a drug store pair of tights (which no one should EVER buy tights from a drugstore!) where you dread having them on every second. You feel good wearing them, its fun to wear them!

One problem I do have, and all I can speak for is the black tights, is the color does fade. The black does loose color after multiple washes and wears. If you do buy the black take extra care of it and hand wash it by itself, not in the washer with all of your other close. Remember, tights are delicate and do need special treatment.

One thing that makes me really happy when I buy a new pair of tights is when there is a tag sewed into the back of the tights. With AA tights there is a tag AND also some red thread sewn into the back to tell you which way the tights goes. I find that to be incredibly useful! With the tights that don't have that you have to end up looking at the feet to see which way they go and sometimes you are wrong. I wish all tights had a tag or someway to tell which was is front and back.

Now the most important part of this review…

American Apparel makes a pair of tights they have named the Bamboo Jersey tight. By far one of my favorite pairs of tights! They are made from actual bamboo and are one of the comfiest pairs I have ever worn. Very well much worn the 22 dollar price tag! They are however very long so if you go get them keep that in mind. The comfort is incredibly! Very cozy too. Not like a sweater or knit tights, but a little thinner. The thickness is perfect and you will never want to take them off! That being said, I am through with my review. Thanks for reading!

I give this company and their tights 5 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 5
Price: 5
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 5


  1. Most hosiery styles do not have a back or front. I recommend that you wear them both ways, to put even wear and tear on them.

    If you are concerned about the colour fading, then you can wash your other non-fading black pairs first, and keep that water for washing your AA black pairs. The dies that are already in the water might help to darken your AA black hosiery.

    Are you writing about that thin coloured line, that runs in the waistband parallel to the top of the waistband? Usually, manufacturers add a coloured thread which indicates the size of the garment, and it does not indicate the back. The label is at the back, though. That being said, it probably is not significant, in that you could probably wear the hosiery with the label in the front. Many manufacturers place the label in there, even though the hosiery could be worn both ways.

    Hosiery Advocate

  2. Unfortunately; natural tights of this caliber only look good on ladies! Men simply, no manner what kind of body shape, simply do not look good in these. Too much like an old lady or gram-ma tights! Men need assertive yet sensual tights that are about 18th century royal lines updated to a more modern approach to fashion contemporary trends. You want to look like a majestic willow, not a fuzzy ball of yarn!

    - Metrosexualis

  3. Very silky, soft to the skin and felt like the quality was good. Unfortunately, there is loads of leftover material at the top of the leg (and I took size XS/S which is my usual AA tights size), plus they developed a hole in the crotch area, for an unknown reason (quality default?). I’m sorry to say but having bought these for 20 euros, I’d expect them to last longer. I have cheaper tights that have served me better, and this isn’t the usual AA quality I am used to. A HUGE disappointment considering the price  Don’t get these, and prefer the patterned ones, or the thicker models.

  4. I have the gold and silver ones great fit, feels great looks fantastic on these you have to have

  5. Planning to purchase few mesh leggings for my yoga sessions. They were recommended to me by my friend. She is also using them for her exercise and very happy with their comfort. Have seen a good holiday offer on them. Will place an order to that same store.