Saturday, October 16, 2010

There have been a few pairs of tights that I have been on my Wanted list for a while now. Wolford is at the top of the list but a few others down the list was Express. I have been wanting to try them for atlas a few years now, but trying them wasn't a big deal for me. On a late night tights splurge I finally choose to buy a pair. I went for the Espresso pair, a nice brown color, and put them in my shopping cart and them proceeded to check out. After the wait of a few days I went to my mailbox and pulled out the bag that contained my new tights goodness. I quickly tore the bag open, unraveled the tights from their cardboard holder and slid them on!

First of all, they are very opaque. I'm not going to tell you that they are mega-opaque or even super opaque, but they are pretty opaque. A lot more opaque than the American Apparel tights but probably as opaque as say Urban Outfitters tights. Very thick too. All in all I'd say a very sturdy trustworthy pair of legwear.

I choose the Expresso since the black pair on the site looked more sheer than anything. I'm the black opaque tights on the page are in fact a pair of their sheer tights. Oh well, figured brown was a pretty versatile color and more mainly than purple in case I choose to wear them out one day. One part I was happy to see is that the are decently matte. Not too shiny in the least. Most pairs of tights made today have a slight sheen to them that aren't the prettiest. But these really aren't too shiny at all! Good pair!

Ok, now the bad part. It is half my problem, but I did happen to tear them, or ladder then as the UK would say. I did by accident leave them on the floor of my bedroom and one day I wanted to put them on only to see a dagger looking rip in the thigh. Instant sadness. For a $14 pair of tights plus more for shipping we all expect them to be made of kelvar! And overtime you rip your tights you always ask yourself if you think they will take them back, never the case sadly.

I would put these tights far up in some of the best tights you can find at a very reasonable price. Everyone should have one good pair of black tights and these I'd say are a good pair to invest in!

I give their tights 4 stars!

Comfort: 5
Opaqueness: 5
Durability: 3
Price: 4
Customer Service: 5

Overall: 4


  1. You clearly need a lesson on how to put on tights the right way; with a feminine touch or mindset! Putting on a luxury pair of hosiery is a gradual careful clean slide of the tights in the legs. This means your legs must be completely smooth shaven and no prickly hairs. Too small a pair or too large a pair is also a hazard to lattering or tearing. I suggest finding a denier 8 pantyhose. Try putting them on and off 100 times without tearing. If you can manage that then you will have a greater appreciation for the sensual act of putting on tights. Putting on tights is an art. It needs charisma, finesse, and love.

    - Metrosexualis

  2. I like it to wear an pantyhose, it's much warmer in the winter. And it feels good

  3. I have shaved my legs and wear a very skin colored tights out in public, no one seems to notice/care. Hey, it is a whole new world out there.

  4. am a straight male always wear tights and pantyhose of all colors under my jeans not openly in public to much ridicule name calling labeling etc, warmth,support the feel and look wear them at home always