Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For the Men Who Wear Tights and Want to Shave Their Legs....

So tonight I did one of the strangest and how I hate to say, the gayest thing I have ever done! Tonight I shaved my legs. It is something that as a tights enthusiast I felt I needed to do. I bounced the idea around a few people due to its oddity but after a while felt no problem with it.

I found myself in my bathroom at night with a electric shaver clearing the hair off my leg. I'm a pretty hairy guy so this was quite the task. After 20 or so minutes, I had removed more than enough hair. Then it was time to hop in the shower and use a razor to shave the more fine hairs. It was a bit painful at first due to the lack of shaving cream I had applied, but then after applying more it became a lot easier.

After the water going cold and my razor dulling I called it a night. The back half of my leg with hair, the front hairless. I figured I'd wait until the morning for my electric razor to charge and give my skin a rest. I got out of the shower and dried off and put some lotion of my legs. I was very excited to try tights on for the first time with out hair. I grabed a black pair and slide them on. It was a little tough getting them on first, but that might be the lotion still on or my leg still a little wet.

One thing I noticed immediately is that it doesn't feel like your wearing anything on your legs at all. After walking around in them I got more used to them and noticed something else major. Without hair on my legs I found that the tights stayed up more. The tights I was wearing tended to slip down and slouch when I had hair on my legs. But with no hair the tights grip onto my skin a lot better! This I can get used to!

If any man out there is debating shaving his legs, especially if he wears tights, I'd say go for it! If woman enjoy it, you might too! Plus, hair grows back. If you don't like it let your hair grow back and keep the hair on. For only having my legs shaved for the past hour I am beginning to like it. Tomorrow morning I'll shave the rest, but for now I am going to enjoy it!


  1. Daniel, I agree that if you wear tights you should shave your legs. I do and you do notice a big difference. I have been shaving for over a year now. I even had my legs waxed at one time.

    I do know is that take your time shaving, cause you don't want to end up cutting yourself.

  2. Yeah I always thought that it would be ultra feminine, ha. But it really makes a difference! They feel better and makes the experience alot more comfortable. I did take my time too, took about 30 minutes and I still have more to go. Ha I had to take a break, I'll finish later tonight!

  3. Don't feel that shaving is "gay" or anything. On the bodybuilding forums, lots of guys talk about shaving like it's no big deal. And you certainly wouldn't characterize these guys as "girly" men. Many top triathletes also shave.

    I used to shave several years ago, but stopped mainly because I'm lazy, haha.

    But just yesterday, I received my new electric shaver in the mail. Recently, I decided I'd resume shaving, so I ordered something from Amazon.


  4. I agree with EcruSilk. I was going to scold you for saying that it is gay, but I calmed down bit. Hair removal isn't gay.

    Hosiery Advocate

  5. Shaving creams should not just have a soothing and relaxing effect on one's skin but shaving creams should also nourish the skin like a water to a plant.

  6. If you are going to wear Hosiery: Tights, Pantyhose, Leggings, Spandex, THEN you must always be clean shaven on your legs. Why do you think women look so amazing when they wear hosiery? Because their legs are shaven and smooth and allow you to see their toned calves and leg muscles better. Next, lotion is great for your legs, but don't put on tights until your lotion is completely dried into the skin. Why? Because if your tights do move around they will start to itch and flake from the lotion and turn white on the tights and take the sheen off of them. Shaving is a unisex activity. It's not a big deal anymore in the year 2011. Also, your tights won't slip off if they have a great elastic factor to them (the smacker effect - if you pull them they should smack back into place without creases or puckers around the knees and behind the legs and under the booty ). By the way; get a 4 or 5 blade multipurpose gliding razor. Less up the leg runs, less bumps and reddening of the skin if done in the correct direction.

    - Metrosexualis

  7. Should I shave my legs if I were them under my pants?

  8. I'm a guy who likes wearing pantyhose for many reasons. They fit so much better when you shave your legs and feel great. My girlfriend said my legs look better than hers in pantyhose so I wear them all the time. My favorite ones are Hanes Silk Reflections which I often wear in public under shorts. No one seems to even notice these days. They are sheer and show natural skin tones well. Hanes Alive Pantyhose give excellent support and keep my legs from feeling as tired, especially in cooler weather. I recently started ordering European Brands from and the new developments in hosiery technology are incredible. They have 15-20 denier pantyhose that look and feel fantastic and hold up well for several wearings. The new anti-run technology seems to really work.
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  9. I love pantyhose and have been wearing them for years and years and always shaved, not a hair below my kneck, sheer nylon on shaved legs just feels so delciouse!

  10. Firstly im not gay, a crossdresser, a sissy, or any other dam phrase relating to the same! that said the company of the afformentioned can be greatly enjoyed!! I am by my own declaration heterosexual! Now I wear tights and hold ups of every denier from 5 through to 80 depending on what im doing! I do shave every third to fourth day, have done for a while now, and cant ever see me stopping! I paint my nails too hands and feet, i also wear eyeshadow, mascara,eyeliner! And everybody i know are on the side of "why not" its only clothing and paint! My family are all of the same view too which is great, im not into the word crossdressing, everything i wear is "male" trainers shorts three quarter length shorts/trousers, tshirts, hoodies, boxers, except for my tights or holdups and makeup, holdups work so well with boxers as you dont get the gather or the heat issues! i like them for the look and the feel, some people call it a fetish hmmm i just call it getting dressed in something i like!! If people dont like my style or the way i look then there is plenty of other things to look at in this world as you walk down the street or the supermarket! People do what YOU want to do, dont be led by the narrowminded! If you like it and you harm nobody in doing so then crack on! Oh and for the record im an industrial diesel fitter/engineer! Peace, respect, J

  11. I have been shaving my legs for quite some time now. Also been wearing pantyhose for awhile and really enjoy it. I do it for medical reasons but still like the feel and look. I wear them under slacks, shorts and skirts. I have not notice anyone making any bad comments. I am guy who likes to have his legs shaved all the time. So guys, just do it, and enjoy the feeling.

  12. I love to wear tights. I shave my legs for one year. I feel sexy it is more comfortable.i love it so much.

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