Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tights Giveaway!

My second giveaway....

Today I went out and executed one of my most successful tights splurges I have ever performed! I didn't buy too many but I did buy some that I was very happy about. I was just going to go to H&M and pick up a pair of my favorite sweater tights of all time, but then I noticed Zara was right next door. I knew that they are predominately in/from the UK and seeing that those Brits make the best tights I'd thought I would go browse. I ended up picking up a pair of 90 denier navy tights, haven't tried them yet, but they feel like a really nice strong good quality pair of tights. Next, I went over to H&M and bought two new pairs (grey and black) of the best sweater tights I have ever worn. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, very cozy too! I noticed that they had a pair of 100 denier black tights for 6 bucks, and being a great price for tights I felt no harm to buy them. But when I got home I opened them up and held them up to my waist letting the legs fall beside mine and noticed that they were incredibly long!


Anyway, perfect reason for Tights Giveaway #2!

I will be giving away a pair of H&M 100 denier M/L black footed tights to a lucky person this Friday, October 8th! Please send me a message on Twitter (@Tightsplusyou) or comment below or send me a friendly email (

The rules are:

18 or older
Must live in the United States

That's it and Good Luck!!!


  1. Ah, Tights Giveaway numero dos is not for petite, short people. ;p

  2. Right, I should have mentioned that. I'm 5'6 and the tights are pretty long for me sadly :(

  3. ooooo those tights sound nice. <3